The blueprint for your soul's journey to empowerment and destiny.

Traveling Your Hero's Journey

Event Type: GeneralLocation: Spirit Matters at Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center, 199 West Center Street, Manchester, CT
Date of event: Apr. 16th 2018 Time of event: 5:45 PM
Event ends on: Apr. 16th 2018 at 8:45 PM
Open for registration from Mar, 16th till Apr. 16th 2018
Price: $35.00


The spiritual teachings of the Eastern and Western mystics, Joseph Campbell, Caroline Myss and current scientific princibles will serve as guideposts on our personal hero's journey of empowerment into our soul.

We will use the chakra system to thread our way to determine who and what is managing our spirit. This journey will contain deep reflections and contemplations. Participants should expect to receive revelations within their being through the process of spiritual alchemy. We will explore how to manage our spirit when encountering the inevitable challenges of life. Please bring a journal to record your revelations.

I will serve as your guide in revealing your Sacred Contract as you navigate the journey of true self-knowledge and discover the purpose for which you were born.


Listen to my interivews.


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