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Divine Grace: The Power That Illuminates Your Soul

Category: GeneralPublished on 2013 Oct, 30
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Being blessed with Divine grace can leave you with an overwhelming sense of humility, your mind perplexed in its thinking of what you could have possibly done to be touched in this way. It is not an experience of your senses, mind, or body, but one of your soul. -From the Divine Grace Fredericka Close's powerful book describes a transformative journey, one of illumination that takes the reader beyond daily exterior life into the inner sacredness of the soul. The author informs her audience that on the journey, most of us carry baggage. It is the baggage of unfinished business, conflict, confusion, disappointment, and loss. The journey of illumination that she describes does not ask us to live lives of spiritual aloofness or lives that dismiss the experiences that remain in the vast depth of the mind. It does require readers to be present in their lives as they are now. Close explains how to live with greater purpose, how to relieve suffering and loneliness, and how to heal the emotional wounds that deplete our capacity to experience joy. In addition to drawing on the traditional wisdom of Eastern and Western mystics and contemporary spiritual teachers, Close guides readers through the inner structures of their energy patterns, moving deep into the stillness of their beings so that experience can reveal self-knowledge and wisdom. The result is personal empowerment. Recounting her own painful and once seemingly detrimental experiences, the author explains how those episodes disguised gifts of Divine grace. Close entreats her readers to heed calls of hunger from within the soul and to embrace the journey of self-discovery that leads to a state of peace that is beyond human understanding.


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