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The Child Archetype

The Guardian of Innocence

The first thing we need to determine is which flavor of Child we are. There is a long list of different flavors of the Child archetype: Orphaned, Wounded, Magical, Eternal, Invisible, Nature, Divine, Innocent and the list goes on. We have the ability to demonstrate the characteristics of each of these, but there is one that is the predominate energy field we step into, consciously or unconsciously, when we revert into childlike behavior.

For example, the Wounded Child may carry memories of neglect and abuse we experienced in childhood. The energy of these memories may become the dominant way in which we focus our life. We may relate to the world from a place of alignment with that wound. The wound can become the bond that holds us together with other wounded being. However, the wound we carry can shift from the shadow into the light attribute of compassion instead of the energy of wound-ology with other wounded people. We then have the ability to develop self-esteem by turning the wound into the energy of self-empowerment. We can use our journey of empowerment to help others on their journey. We no longer resort to “I can’t do this” and blame (b-lame) someone in our childhood for why we cannot step up to the task at hand. Every time we blame someone for something, we give up our power to be responsible and empowered.

Another example is the Magical Child, which can carry an energy that is enchanting. We can have a sense that everything is going to work out to be “OK” and go through life optimistically. However, the shadow side of this energy is to focus on the exterior of our life and believe that there is nothing we need to do to make things turn out “OK”. We then become disempowered when things do not work out and engage the Victim archetype. We need to go within to develop the power of self-esteem, looking for exterior things to give us self-esteem is like building a house on a foundation of sand.

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