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Sacred Contracts: The Journey of the Soul

This journey is based on the book Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss, an internationally renowned medical intuitive, spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author. The foundation of this journey is the belief that our soul choses a Sacred Contract before we incarnated into this life. Whether your belief is that we have one lifetime or multiple lifetimes, this journey applies to either. The goal of the time spent in this dimension of duality, the place of time, space and form, is to fulfill the destiny our soul has chosen by becoming fully empowered. Myss’ belief is that we disempower ourselves by fragmenting our energy and consequently we are not whole. The essential journey is to integrate our fragmented energy and when this is accomplished, we are aligned with the Truth of who we truly are.

Myss teaches that our soul chooses specific archetypal patterns that influence different aspects of our life and these patterns are energetically neutral. However, they each contain light attributes as well as shadow attributes. Most times these energetic patterns are unconscious to us until we delve deep into introspection, examine why we do the “things” we do and what are the forces and motivators that are in the driver’s seat of our journey. It is absolutely essential that we view these archetypal energies from a symbolic impersonal view if we are to glean the essential wisdom they contain for us. When we attach our judgments, opinions and emotions to our life experiences, it is difficult to reflect on them with an objective viewpoint.

An archetype is a universal energetic pattern but when it becomes our pattern, it speaks animates us. It speaks to us through mythologies that are universal. We live out the stories and mythologies of each one of our archetypes. These archetypes are filled with myths that incarnate with us and we are living those myths. It is when those myths disappoint us or don’t play out as we expected that we often attack people in our life and blame them for our unhappiness. We usually believe it is someone else’s fault that we are unhappy. When we understand the archetypal journey of empowerment and are able to step into the empowerment of it, we then take responsibility for our own journey. We become aware that it is not about what others are doing to us, it is about what we are doing to us.

Take the example of the princess archetype. When she is looking for a life partner, the princess energy will enter and take over her psyche. She may start watching programs and movies of the knight even though they are not exactly about knights, but the theme of the stories she is drawn to have the knight energy. She reads books that carry this theme because this is what she enjoys the most at this time. The mythology is that somewhere a prince was born solely to take care of her. In living the illusion of her myth, a man comes along who in her mythic eyes, she perceives as a prince. She marries, fully expecting all the things a princess expects from a knight. When the man does not live up to her expectations, he becomes the problem.

Another way of looking at archetypes is to call to mind people who are well known for something and envision them in a role that they are not identified with. For example, can you imagine Woody Allen playing the role of Rambo? How about Sylvester Stallone playing the role of Gandhi? In both of these examples, it is plain to see that they would be unsuccessful in these roles. The reason for this is because neither of them have the archetype that would animate these roles.

Plato wrote about the Myth of Erin in his book, The Great Republic, which suggests that our souls are imprinted when we arrive in this dimension. I believe this is more than a myth and view these imprints as archetypes. I think this is evidenced by the diverse and dramatic differences of very young children in their emotional makeup and personalities. Some would venture that they come with a clean slate but my experience of five daughters and nine grandchildren tells me something quite the contrary.

Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss psychiatrist, wrote extensively about archetypal patterns. In his words, “The archetypes thus have their own initiative and their own specific energy. These powers enable them both to produce a meaningful interpretation (in their own symbolic style) and to interfere in a given situation with their own impulses and their own thought formation. In this respect, they function like complexes; they come and go very much as they please and often they obstruct or modify our conscious intentions in an embarrassing way.” Jung wrote extensively about the archetypal energy of the Trickster and the Wounded Healer, among others.

Eckhart Tolle, best selling author and spiritual teacher, describes addiction in a very similar manner in the following: “A long-standing compulsive behavior pattern may be called an addiction, and an addiction lives inside you as a quasi-entity or sub-personality, an energy field that periodically takes you over completely. It even takes over your mind, the voice in your head, which then becomes the voice of the addiction.” We tend to think of addiction in our culture as an addiction to a substance such as alcohol or cocaine for example. However, we all have addictions whether we are aware of them or not. They can be either physical, (i.e. exercise, work or shopping) or emotional, (i.e. the need to be right, the need to be first in line or the need to have the last word) or both.

Caroline Myss teaches that we all share four Survival archetypal patterns: the Victim, Prostitute, Saboteur and Child. These will be explained as you read further. In addition to those four survival archetypes we also have eight other natal archetypes. Similar to the astrological placement of the planets in the twelve houses of our natal zodiac chart, these twelve archetypes have residence and influence over the twelve houses of our chart of origin as well. As previously stated, we choose these eight archetypal patterns before we incarnate into physical form. It is essential that when we are choosing these eight archetypal patterns for our archetypal chart or wheel, our choices are based on our knowledge of these behavioral patterns we’ve carried since childhood, not based on who we are now. As described in Jung’s and Tolle’s writings, these archetypal energies affect our daily lives in a most unconscious way. They contain rich wisdom in both their light and shadow attributes that guide us along our soul’s journey when we take the time and effort to explore their hidden gifts.

The term archetypal cosmology refers to a view that acknowledges the possibility of the existence of archetypes as an ordering principle behind the journey of humans. There is also a field of study called archetypal cosmology that describes the correlations between archetypal patterns in the human journey and the order of the solar system. This body of work draws on the work of Jungian psychology, Greek philosophy and mythology. It has been said that the theme of archetypal energy patterns has been used in the writings of Shakespeare, Kepler, Goethe, Jung, Northrup Frye and others.

Aristotle told us, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” These words hold just as true today as when he wrote them. Shakespeare’s Hamlet quote, “To thy own self be true”, is profound advice. This quote however raises the question of how we do that when we truly don’t know our “own self”. Jung advises us with these words: “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks inside, awakens.” I believe we can substitute the word “illusion” for dreams for unless we are in touch with the Truth of our soul, what we see exteriorly is an illusion that we project onto the world.

Joseph Campbell wrote extensively about The Hero’s Journey that we all take in one way or another as we travel on our life journey. Campbell and all of these other brilliant minds that I have shared with you appear to have at least one thing in common, they want us to know ourselves thoroughly. It is essential to “know thyself” as clearly as possible so we can make effective decisions in our lives. The arduous archetypal journey of your Sacred Contract will reveal to your conscious mind information that will enable you to excavate the myths you tell yourselves about why you do what you do. Empowered with true self-knowledge, you will be able to live the life you are destined to fulfill.

I will serve as your guide in revealing your Sacred Contract as you navigate the journey of true self-knowledge and discover the purpose for which you were born.


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