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The Prostitute Archetype

The Guardian of Faith

The fear that you don’t believe in yourself can turn you into a prostitute. Not necessarily a physical prostitute, but you will sell your opinion, integrity or find yourself agreeing with people and/or doing jobs you do not believe in for the sake of security and survival. You may marry someone for money or do whatever it is you need to do because it is a form of earth security. Staying in a job that you know is harmful to humanity or the earth for security is prostituting yourself. You may use money to control others because of your fear of security. This archetype presents us with the opportunity to discover how much of ourselves we are willing sell or compromise for a sense of security in our external world. These compromises can involve your integrity, beliefs, loyalty or the like. The Prostitute is the guardian of your self-esteem.

Myss teaches that the Prostitute archetype is intimately connected with our faith. This energy pattern tests our faith when we doubt that we can care for ourselves. Confronted with a test of survival issues, we can be vulnerable to undermining our self-esteem. When we are grounded in the belief that we are never alone and that the Divine is our constant companion, we cannot be bought. However, when our faith is wavering, the Prostitute archetype can put us on alert that we are on unsteady ground and need to go within to connect with Divinity to hold firm with our beliefs.

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