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The Saboteur Archetype

The Guardian of Choice

The Saboteur archetype is the energy that undermines or sabotages your empowerment and is the guardian of all your choices. The Saboteur is about the ways, methods and means that you sabotage your relationship to Truth. This archetype is about developing an instinct for when you or someone else is undermining your self-esteem. As you come into your own Truth, you will have a rapport and intuitive sense for what is right for you and what will undermine you. This is the Saboteur that is centered in the light attributes of its energy.

The empowered Saboteur requires that you become aligned with your own inner Truth. When you have a strong sense of inner self-esteem, it will be difficult to be taken off your center. When you get guidance, your first instinct will not be to go to the thought of “What will they think of me?” You will be empowered to implement the guidance you receive and not sabotage yourself. You will not go to the outside world and throw your self-esteem to the wind, allowing yourself to be sabotaged.

When you are centered in your self-esteem and get guidance, you will ask, “Is this what Spirit wants me to do?” What other people may think will no longer prevent you from following through on the guidance you receive. In order to live at that level of empowerment, you have to be willing and able to have “them” say, “My, have you changed. I can’t relate to you any more.” Your response will be, “I still care deeply about you.” What the other person is really saying to you is, “I can’t control you any more. I don’t know what to say to stop you from moving forward any more. I can’t find a way to make you buckle at the fear of being humiliated. I’m not sure if I can’t find a hook in you that I can continue in this relationship.” The power has shifted, the energy of the relationship has changed and the other person may be feeling disempowered by this shift.

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