The blueprint for your soul's journey to empowerment and destiny.


One-on-one consultation: I am available by phone or Skype for consultations. Your consultation will consist of assisting you in understanding the importance of managing your energy and your spirit in a conscious way. When you are not aware of what disempowers you and drains your energy, your energy will manage you unconsciously. When you become aware of why and how you loose your energy, I will then instruct you in how to respond to life events instead of unconsciously reacting to them. I will guide you in identifying your individual twelve archetypal behavior patterns before constructing your Sacred Contract. Interpretation of your Sacred Contract is available when requested. Contact me to set up an appointment.

Workshops: Consists of interactive facilitated activities that provide the participants opportunities to explore and process the principles of Sacred Contracts. Participants will identify their individual twelve archetypal behavioral patterns and proceed to construct their Sacred Contract. Interaction and feedback from your workshop group will expand your awareness of what drives your actions. Workshops include handouts and materials needed to complete individual Sacred Contracts. Contact me for more information or to schedule a workshop.

: This format is primarily a comprehensive presentation on the fundamental principles of Sacred Contracts. It consists of instruction on how to manage our energy and our spirit, understanding archetypal energy patterns, the four survival archetypes, and the difference between living a life of destiny rather than one of fate. It includes an exercise that will allow participants to experience the effect the survival archetypes have on different aspects of their lives. Handouts and materials needed for the experiential exercise will be provided. Contact me to schedule a seminar.

Speaking Engagements:
I am available to speak to your group on any aspect of Sacred Contracts and the profound wisdom that Sacred Contracts can add to your participants life. It is in truly knowing ourself that allow us to live the life purpose for which we were created. Contact me for more information.

Facilitated Sacred Contract Discussion Group:
The discussion group meets twice a month and provides a sacred space to discuss deep soul subjects. Masters throughout the centuries have told us the importance of being supported by a community of fellow seekers and this group provides an opportunity to join soul companions on the journey of illumination. The prerequisite for attending this group is to have a Sacred Contract through any venue. You can develop a Sacred Contract on your own by following the instructions in Caroline Myss's New York Times best selling book Sacred Contracts. There is no fee charged to attend. Contact me for more information or for details and directions.

Free Events
: I am available to do speaking engagements at no charge for nonprofit organizations. Contact me for more information or to arrange a speaking engagement.

I will serve as your guide in revealing your Sacred Contract as you navigate the journey of true self-knowledge and discover the purpose for which you were born.


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