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The Victim Archetype

The Guardian of Self-Esteem

The Victim archetype, like the other three survival archetypes, is an energy pattern that provides you with an opportunity to stand up to your fear. You may become aware of its energy when you do not get something you had your heart set on or you are unable to express yourself when someone is not respecting you. One of the lessons of the Victim is to mature into an individual who can establish boundaries and become empowered. Not just the kinds of boundaries that are directed at other people respecting your boundaries but just as important, developing the ability to recognize when you are off center within yourself. Knowing yourself well enough to take responsibility to remove yourself from situations where you might act out and hurt someone because you are off center.

You need to recognize that there may be times when you need to put up a boundary because you are being influenced in ways that are not healthy for you. You may be allowing yourself to be abused by what a person is saying to you and you find it violent to a part of your being. You need to find a way of dealing with this abuse in a healthy way.

You also need to be aware of whether you are creating events in your life in an effort to obtain sympathy or attention to yourself. When you are not empowered, this can be a destructive attempt to make you feel worthy. Our worth needs to come from within, and then we become empowered.

We are called to identify the way in which we feel victimized. We also need to identify the way in which we victimize others.

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