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What I Do

How well do you think you know yourself? I guarantee you: not as well as you think. You’ve no doubt heard the quotation from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “To thy own self be true” and the axiom of the great Greek philosopher Plato, “Know thyself.” The question then becomes, how do we follow this most excellent advice if we’re not sure of who we are? Sacred Contracts is a spiritual journey into your soul, revealing the truth of who you really are. This journey will answer questions like, “Why do I keep doing the same things?” and “How did I end up here yet again?”

When I was introduced to Caroline Myss and her work Sacred Contracts, I knew I had found truthful information that I needed for my soul’s journey to wholeness. Having someone who had been down this path and could guide me along the way was essential. Sacred Contracts held the guideposts I needed to navigate through the illusions and misperceptions I had created in my life. As you know, our soul journey can be lonely, frightening and confusing, to say the least. Having a soul companion who has traveled this path can guide you along your way by illuminating this arduous journey.

Your Sacred Contract contains twelve archetypal behavior patterns that are specific to your soul journey. Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss psychiatrist, wrote extensively about archetypal patterns that effect us consciously and unconsciously on a deep level. I would feel privileged to assist you in unveiling the specific archetypal patterns in your Sacred Contract.

Discovering your Sacred Contract will make the difference between living the life for which you were born, your soul’s journey, and the life you succumb to, your ego’s journey. Understanding the archetypal energy patterns that your Sacred Contract contains will empower you to live a life of destiny instead of a life of fate. Myss tells us, ”Your life choices change when you begin to recognize the difference between an option and a Sacred Contract.” I invite you to discover the contents of your Sacred Contract that drive your life choices. I would be honoured to be your guide and soul companion as you travel on this spiritual journey.

I will serve as your guide in revealing your Sacred Contract as you navigate the journey of true self-knowledge and discover the purpose for which you were born.


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